Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences

The Perfect Mix

The core course sequence provides a range of theoretical concepts and laboratory techniques spanning all major fields of modern chemistry.  The successful graduate will have a well-rounded atomic-scale understanding of matter together with a wide range of laboratory skills and the ability to work independently as a scientist.

Roderick Macrae, Ph.D.

I have a background in the chemistry of the light hydrogen isotope muonium, an unstable atom formed by implantation of positive muons into matter, and still pursue both experimental and theoretical studies related to muon spin rotation and related experimental techniques.

Pick a Concentration

The chemistry program has several concentrations students are able to partake in. Bio-organic chemistry focuses on a mixture of genetics, chemistry, and biology. Chemical physics focuses on physics, physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Environmental chemistry focuses on toxicology, ecology, genetics and chemistry. As part of the School of Mathematics and Sciences goal of having undergraduates do research, a student's topic can be worked into their undergraduate classes to assist them on completing their independent research. 

Career Paths

Lab Technician
Science Teacher


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